Karma Group Timeshare is the World’s Best Attraction

Given its reputation for an exhilarating nightlife and multitude of budget attractions, rarely will you hear tales of Bali’s luxurious side. So with this in mind, allow us to enlighten you…


Bali’s Bukit Peninsula occupies the island’s former fishing hub, where elevated limestone cliffs emerge from the lapping waves of the Indian Ocean, and keen surfers descend to experience some of the world’s best surf beaches. The Bukit, to which it is fondly referred, also features the famous cliff-hanging temple at Uluwatu; one of Bali’s nine key directional temples. The neighbouring towns of Pecatu and Ungasan are well worth your time also, comprising their own unique charm and beautiful natural attractions.

Seldom will guests see anything quite so breathtaking as the sweeping panoramic views visible from Karma Kandara, a luxury resort which occupies an outstanding location at the farthest extremes of the Bukit’s mesmerising cliff face. Alongside mind-blowing views, this exhilarating property features an extensive choice of luxury amenities, not to mention the plush Villas dotted throughout the resort’s stone walkways and abundant tropical plant life.

Each Karma Kandara Villa and Karma Group timeshare residence comprises authentically-designed structures with sirap wood tiles and roofs of alangalang grass. Moreover, the Villas come complete with large timber decking from which to gaze over stunning private pools and garden. Finally, the interiors of Karma Kandara’s luxury Villas offer breathable open-air living spaces, complete with chic furnishings and first-class appliances.

To compliment the luxury Villas, Karma Kandara has also created an extensive array of opulent public amenities, each with its own unique charm. Karma Group timeshare owners will also experience privileged access to these facilities, comprising the Mediterranean-inspired Temple Bar &Lounge, award-winning Karma Spa, awe-inspiring infinity pool, private beach club, and more. But best of all, Karma Kandara guests and Karma Group timeshare owners will benefit from exemplary levels of service – the tell-tale sign of a true luxury experience.

For the party-goers out there, Karma Kandara is Bali’s event hot-spot, hosting a number of exclusive events year ‘round, from specialised full moon beach parties, to private events and functions. Karma Kandara even offer a range of Wedding packages, hosted by beautiful cliff top or beachfront settings, all with a range of bespoke services to match.

To find out more about Karma Kandara and the remarkable Bukit Peninsula, visit the resort’s website https://www.karmagroup.com/find-destination/karma-resorts/karma-kandara


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